Tertis design

Car Wash Tertis design
Car Wash Tertis design
Car Wash Tertis design

Simple and effective, designed with the aim to catch the attention of potential customers. For everything else here is cutting edge technology! Confirmed formula for successful business.

-hot galvanized steel, galvanized and powder coated or inox (stainless steel)
-drainage of rainwater through the middle arch
-static proven on a large burden of snow and wind
-extremely large thickness of material
-lexan cover with UV protection
-steel protected and coloured mounts every 70 cm
-the lexan plate edges welded and leak proof
-final decorative skirting aluminium
-large digits
-stainless steel buttons with a "touch" functions and changing colours
-special telescopic way of door opening
-the number of programs on customer request
-graphics on customers request


The technology of large machines model AT, large machines for the toughest demand, from 1-16 workplaces (wash bays) with the possibility from 1-3 container technical rooms. Technology superiority and over-sized components guarantee the reliability and grater durability.

High pressure pumps

-CAT model 350 large pump for longer lifetime
-quality equipment for pump operation
-all valves are easily accessible for inspection

Water treatment

-large water softener and osmosis relative to the number of work place
-print the current water purity
-most precise regulation


Bays Minimum
Water requirements Electricity Max capacity
per 24 hours
Washing pressure
3 410 sq.m 41.8 liters/min 2.5cubic meters/hour 17.3kW 450 cars 90 - 120 bar
4 540 sq.m 59.4 liters/min 3.6 cubic meters/hour  22.3kW 600 cars 90 - 120 bar
5 630 sq.m 71.5 liters/min 4.3 cubic meters/hour  25.8kW 750 cars 90- 120 bar
6 720 sq.m 83.6 liters/min 5 cubic meters/hour  29.3kW 900 cars 90- 120 bar
7 810 sq.m 95.7 liters/min 5.7 cubic meters/hour  32.8kW 1050 cars 90- 120 bar
8 900 sq.m 107.8 liters/min 6.4 cubic meters/hour  36.3kW 1200 cars 90- 120 bar