Adriateh Car wash solutions - self service


We are proud to present "ADRIATEH CLEANING TECHNOLOGY" to the SOUTH AFRICAN market: over seventeen years of tradition and the use of quality materials with top notch technology directs ADRIATEH to export the quality recognised in Europe to the South African market.

Our aim in the years to come is to be recognised as a manufacturers and importers who use new technologies in conjunction with traditional values.

Satisfaction in our business is our long time partner to whom we confirm their faith in business ethics.

Manufacturers label on each part of the machine should be emphasised that we have produced a product of quality components in order to confirm the intended sincerity and trust.

Quality control monitored through SGS ISO 9001-2000 certification.
Design protected by WIPO Geneve.
Products harmonized with EU (EUROPEAN) standards.

Productions is organised in two buildings, one for processing all metal and the other for the final assembly.

- Own metal processing
- Own plastification, label printing, contraction connection
- We are responsible for every element of the production
- When we say "our product" it is really manufactured in our facilities


We believe in business ethics and corporate social responsibility. We believe that a successful company as we are, with our example to the environment, society and ecology are doing well for all of us.


Our marketing is through our customers and if you have doubts about the equipment you are interested in buying, talk with any of our customers - always invest in equipment used by satisfied customers.